An artist is someone who produces things people don't need to have.
Andy Warhol
Music · Modernism · British subcultures · Pop Culture · Graphic art · Vespas · Lambrettas
My art is born out of my passions in life.
My Inspiration came from reading Dave Gibbons graphic novel ‘The Originals’ (given to me by a Rocker!) The panel artwork within the comic struck a chord with me. So after experimenting with several ideas, I decided to marry two components together. A strong graphical Illustration, combined with a powerful song lyric or quote to form a potent cocktail of what I now call a visual jukebox.
My Visual Jukebox work is strongly themed by sub cultures that have under pinned British society since the 50's. I draw on music and fashion influences in popular British culture. From Rock and Roll to Soul. Mods, Rockers, Teds, Skins, casuals and Rudeboys to name a few. 

I like to mix things up occasionally by juxtaposing lyrics and images you wouldn’t usually associate with one and other. This can often add weight to the art. The lyrics breath life into the work. Lyrics that can provoke, ask questions and sometimes amuse. Some of the lyrics will be obvious, some more obscure. But I try to capture a snapshot of a moment in time. A window into a scene that could mean anything or nothing to someone but still be visually appealing.

Since Britpop  exploded in the early 90’s Ive been fascinated with the exploration of Music, Mods and Motorscooters. So when I’m not at my drawing board or Mac I’m usually hunting for, and playing old soul 45’s. Or I’m in the shed tinkering with my 3 vintage scooters. 

From a teenager listening to bands such as Ocean Colour Scene, Oasis, Stone Roses, Small Faces, Beatles, The Kinks, Rolling Stones etc I stepped back in to their roots to discover  Soul, Blues, Reggae, Northern, British R&B etc. All the time broadening my musical influences and defining my style today.
True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist
Albert Einstein
My painting does not
come from the easel
Jackson Pollock

Prices (excluding delivery)

All artwork is available to purchase in various sizes and formats. Print only, framed or canvas. The framing price includes 2.6mm mount board, glazed acrylic and framed in a black light grain box moulding with hanging wire attached. Framed work is only available in A4, A3, A2 sizes. Commission pieces are priced on request.

Postage and Packaging

All artwork is available for delivery worldwide. Priced accordingly for UK and NI, Europe and the Rest of the World. Delivery costs (below) will be shown when address information has been added. It is professionally packaged and delivered via courier service with tracking numbers emailed or texted to you once artwork has been dispatched. Prints and canvases are sent sing strengthened cardboard tubes. Prices may vary due to to Post office charges.
Drawing is like making an expressive gesture with the advantage of permanence
Henri Matisse


Do you have "a song", one that means a lot to you or someone special? I offer a commission service that puts that song in print. You may have a particular idea in mind, or maybe you have the song title and nothing else. But after a chat to throw some ideas around I will produce a unique piece of art that projects acurately your feelings and emotions.
Please allow 4 to 5 weeks for the commission to be completed. At particularly busy periods that may increase. But rest assured you will be kept informed along the way. I also retain artist's rights to sell a limited number of prints of the commission piece after a set period of time. This helps to keep the initial price to the customer down to a minimum for the hours spent on the original work.
I need to be myself,
I can't be no one else
Noel Gallagher
Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about any of my work. You can contact me at Please feel free to share and tweet any artwork you like by clicking the Facebook and Twitter share buttons next to the artwork in the shop section. You can also follow me and my work on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the links below. If you’re curious to know what music is influencing me you can also view my Youtube channel and follow my Spotify playlists. These are the tunes that currently are getting my feet moving and hands clapping. Please pop back soon as I’ll be adding new work on a regular basis.