Elvis TCB

£25.00 - £165.00

In this artwork, Jaymokid aims to share a piece of the inspiration garnered from Graceland, hoping it resonates with fans who, like him, feel the profound impact of Elvis Presley.

The Taking Care of Business (TCB) lightning bolt logo associated with Elvis Presley holds profound symbolism reflective of the King of Rock 'n' Roll and his life philosophy. The TCB lightning bolt became a powerful emblem for Elvis, representing several key aspects of his persona:

Empowerment and Energy: The lightning bolt is an energetic symbol, often associated with power and force. For Elvis, it encapsulated the vibrant energy and dynamism that defined his performances on stage.

Work Ethic and Professionalism: "Taking Care of Business" was more than just a slogan for Elvis; it was a way of life. The TCB lightning bolt symbolized his strong work ethic and professionalism.

Self-Expression and Individuality: Elvis Presley was known for his unique style and breaking musical boundaries. The TCB logo became a visual representation of his individuality.

Unity and Brotherhood: The TCB lightning bolt was often accompanied by the letters "TCB" and a star. This combination conveyed a sense of unity and brotherhood among Elvis and his band members. It symbolized the close-knit relationship and shared commitment to musical excellence within the group.

Legacy and Immortality: The enduring popularity of the TCB lightning bolt as a symbol for Elvis after his passing reflects its role in cementing his legacy. In essence, the symbolism of the TCB lightning bolt captures the essence of Elvis Presley as a powerful, hardworking, and unique individual who left an indelible mark on the music industry and popular culture.


Available in 2 sizes and edition options.
Other sizes available, priced on request.

Mounted Print - 260mm x 260mm - £25
Framed Print - 320mm x 320mm - £50
Available in black or white frames.

Hand signed and numbered artwork.
Giclee fine art printed on 285gsm archive quality paper.

Tubed Print - 550mm x 550mm - £75
Framed - 600mm x 600mm - £165

All artworks are printed and framed to order so please allow 7-10 working days for delivery. If you would prefer a white frame please request at checkout.