In the serene world of pixels, British graphic artist Jaymokid quietly weaves tales that transcend the digital canvas. His journey began in the unassuming corridors of video game design back in the '90s, a chapter that unfolded into an artistic pilgrimage fueled by a love for British subcultures and the artistry of Rob T Williams and Peter Blake.

The hum of pixels gave Jaymokid a voice, but it was the whisper of British Mod culture that became the melody of his art. Embracing the spirits of Mods, Rockers, Skinheads, Rudeboys, and Casuals, this diverse tapestry of British subcultures, Jaymokid's art is a serene reflection of the cultural symphony that echoes through the streets of Britain.

In his understated studio, Jaymokid intertwines the visual with the auditory. His art is not just an image; it's a melody. Each stroke of the digital brush resonates with the echoes of Britpop, soul, rock 'n' roll, reggae, and punk. Soft whispers that invite viewers to listen beyond the pixels.

Jaymokid has lent his art to collaborations that speak volumes. From the strutting "Who Built The Moon" collaboration with Noel Gallagher to the rhythmic partnership with Ocean Colour Scene over several years, and collaborations shared with the likes of Horace Panter and sports stars such as Ricky Hatton, these collaborations are soft echoes in the background of his art.

Jaymokid humbly extends his artistry to private commissions and commercial design. Each piece is crafted with grace, whether it's a bespoke creation for a collector or a design job that quietly finds its place in a brand's identity.